Walking from school

I am so grateful that I am working from home these days. The crazy schedule has been put to rest for now. So I have more time to focus on family and home.  I was spending around 3 hours commuting every day.  So now I can walk to my son’s school and pick him up with our dog, Rusty.  This is it! I cant believe it! I walk for 25 minutes with Rusty and even though is a hilly walk, I relax.  There are more hills on the way to school than on the way back, at least that is a good motivation. But whenever we walk the big hill (only hill) on our way back, my son’s and my legs hurt a lot we are sure it will get better as we keep doing it. I enjoy our walk back, my son gets to show me his skills for walking Rusty.  Today, I got to see that Rusty is more attach to him than me. I got to school and got surrounded by some of the kids that wanted to pet Rusty. The kids got too excited and loud and Rusty went and hid behind my son, I was so surprised. They made me smile, they looked so cute taking care of each other.  I forgot to mention that Rusty is a rescue dog, that is a Dalmatian / Lab mix and weights at least 60 pounds.  He is just gorgeous and huge, hence; Rusty hiding behind my son for protection just made me smiled.

On our walk back from school, we were talking about the different months in year, the order of the months and what celebrations we have on each month.  Then we talked about a road trip we took last December and we were remembering what family members came. I remembered that from my side of the family my Mom and Dad, my siblings and their significant others and their kids were there.  Then I said, and from your Dad’s side of the family Grandma Luisa was there.  He got sad because Grandma is not with us anymore. I tried to remind him of the good times we had with her and of the things we did together in that trip. Then he said, you had someone from you side of the family and Daddy had someone from his side of the family. I had nobody from my side. I tried to explain to him that my side of the family are my parents and that Daddy and I are his side of the family.  I think this is one interesting subject for talking a little more this afternoon or at bedtime. I am concern that even he is our family, he feels alone.

I guess my new working arrangement comes in at a good time and our talks walking back from school can help us open up and build a stronger bond.  I am working on making the strongest invisible string out there.