It’s been a more than a week since we had our meeting with the adoption worker.  I needed some time to accept the reality of our adoption process, that the process is long and the time is not of great concern.  Well, one week did not change my mind, I feel more frustrated tonight.  I went back to “Rivers of Hope web page”, one of my favorites, and found that kids that had already been “potentially matched” in the webpage are again looking for adoptive parents.

Every time I feel frustrated and emotional about this process, I have to remember that it will happen when the time is right for us.  The adoption worker told us that the average wait time is one year.  We have been so busy with all the PRIDE classes, child proofing the house, answering questionnaires, attending home visits, work on top of it all and is already the end of March.  Time did fly by, we are getting old and at the same time I can’t help and think of children in foster care that could be adopted and are also getting old while in the system.

I don’t want to wait!!! I want to do something about it, I am not certain on how to start.  I’ll start by completing my bio-questionnaire (another one).

Now (today), two weeks after the meeting with our adoption worker I feel better.  All my feelings of frustration have gone away.  I have schedule our classes for adoption and should start answering my bio-questionnaire (that I have not started).

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