Adoption interview update

This past Monday we prepared all of our paperwork, we finished entering the financial information, and the employer information release forms.  Then I went to look for our marriage license, I had to go through several boxes of documents until there it was, in the 3rd box with all of its colors.  I went and checked the marriage date, we got married 12/21/2002. I some how always forget the date (we had our religious ceremony on a different day).

The next morning, Tuesday, we got our schedules at work changed.  We got to worker a bit early so we could leave early to be at our appointment on time.  I blocked my calendar so that I would not get any meeting requests.  I was planning my day, going through the early emails and then the phone rings.

-Hello, I’m calling on behalf of your adoption worker, is this Paty?

– Yes, this is she.

-We are calling to cancel you appointment for today, your adoption worker had an emergency and will not be available for the appointment.  She will call you back to reschedule.

-Ok, thank you.

After I hang up the phone all the anxiety and expectations went away.  Now we have to wait again, so we wait for the phone call.  So of course we worked from very early in the morning until late Tuesday.  We went home feeling bit down, I went back again to look at the kids in the CAkids website and send another inquire about a pair of siblings.  I must have sent 3 inquiries for the same siblings.  They look so cute and they are in the age range we are looking to adopt.

On Wednesday morning, as I am again at the office going through the early emails and the schedule for the day my phones beeps.  If you can picture the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” when she would open the computer and it would say “you got mail” and her eyes got bigger and her smile got wider, well it was something similar.  I heard the beep, picked up my black berry, saw an email from the CAkids and I got a huge smile and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.  Then I clicked and read the email carefully, I read it several times, then it sink in.  The social worker was sending me to the county webpage to see the requirements.  I though I don’t need to know the requirements I’m almost done with all my paperwork.  I decided to reply and send her more specific information about my adoption worker and my case number.   To my surprise a few minutes later my phone beepped again and it was a response from the social worker.  I picked up the phone, saw the sender got all excited and open the email.  I could feel my heart pounding faster.  My email read something like this, the pair of siblings you were interested in have been already assigned to a potential adoptive family.   It must not be meant to be, at least for us to adopt these children.

On a brighter note, we got a phone call from the adoption worker and our meeting has been reschedule for next Wednesday!! Yeah!



  1. I *so* understand all the expectation, excitement and let down that comes with this process. It seems it doesn’t stop after licensing either. It just changes. And probably will change again with various placements and situations.

    Whether these kids or others, there will be the right kids for y’all. Won’t it be so neat to meet them?!?!?

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