Waiting to adopt, while children wait to be adopted

We just completed all of our requirements to receive the foster parent license, now we just sit and wait.  Even though we just completed the last requirement this week I already feel antsy.  I check websites that display the kids that are waiting to be adopted constantly.  Just this week I found two siblings of the age we are planning and in our state, not in our county but in our state.  I have no idea what will it take to foster-adopt siblings in my state, but not in my county.  These are the websites that I constantly browse:

This websites keep me inspired and maintain my hope of adoption.  The only thing that I wonder is why the wait? why do they have to wait? and why do I have to wait?

On one of our last Pride classes, the teacher explained that they  have 150 families waiting for adoption and that usually they do around 650 adoptions per year.  You can see me in the class room right away calculating, if 650 per year this means about two children a day. If I would calculate that they are all siblings (2), then it will be one adoption per day. Also if there are 150 couples before us, then we would approximately have to wait 5 months, wow!

So for now we wait.


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