Adoption – Latest NEWS!

We had our second home inspection last Friday.  My husband and I made sure that everything was in order before the 3pm visit.  We had to put locks in all the windows in the seconds floor, child proof the cables under the computer, moved all the knifes to an out off reach area, we then sat down in the living room waiting for the social worker.  While waiting we got a phone call that was lost and no one call back, that was strange.  We kept waiting and 30 minutes went by, then my husband started asking are you sure the appointment was for today? Do you have the social worker’s card?  I got up went and got the card and we only had an office number, we went ahead called with no answer.  i said do you want to redial the phone number for that call we lost? and my husband said OK?  We dialed and it was the Social worker’s cell phone, she said she was stuck in traffic and on her way.  That made us feel so much better, the second inspection was really going to happen today.

The social worker got to our home 20 minutes later and she walked inside the house as soon as we opened the door and found her way to our dinning table and sat.  We sat down on the seat in front and beside her.  We started going through the list of pending actions, one by one we showed the corrections and the paperwork missing.  We went up and down the stairs, inside and out to the garage, everything went very well.  We won’t have another visit, we just have to finish our PRIDE classes and send the results of our Physical exams. 

Early Friday morning we had our Physical exam and all of our test were in process.  The following Monday (Feb 14th) we went to get out TB test checked and got our physical exam results, the results were mailed to the CPS that day.  We went to two more PRIDE classes this week, we only got three more to go, it feels great we are almost done with this first part of the process.  So in the middle of all these classes we are also taking a Baptism class tomorrow, we will be Godparents to Lucas Michael and Gregory.  I can’t believe that February is almost over, we have accomplished so much in our process and we have been so busy.  I appreciate days off, like President’s Day.



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