Taking a break during Valentine’s

The Friday before Valentine’s we had our second home visit.  This visit went really good, we were able to complete most of the request from the initial visit.  However, we still had two items pending, the results of the Physical exam and the PRIDE training certificate.  Before our visit on Friday we went to the Doctor to have our Physical exam.  We had a TB test, lipid profile, HIV.  The results will be available the following Monday.

So early morning on Feb 14 we went to have our TB test checked and Physical exam results, everything went well both our test were negative and they were mailed on this day, how special is that.  On valentine’s day we sent out and completed one major requirement for the completion of our adoption process.

We have been so busy preparing for our Foster-Adoption process that we really have not relaxed and pay attention to each other.  I took the time to do something special for my husband (I did not shared this before because we have been so busy).  My Father in law spent last summer with us and during that time we enjoyed his cooking,  delicious.

I went shopping and started cooking as close to the original recipe as I could remember

As I was wondering through the aisle, I remembered that my Dad gave me some strawberries that morning and suddenly hurried to the baking aisle and bought chocolate to melt and cover the strawberries

Then I walked to the aisle with all the sesonal items and found the heart tin box (see pic above) and thought that it would be a cute gift.  I decided to cut some different colored stationaire and add some personal messages for my husband look below

We had a very relaxing evening.


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