Adoption – Spreading the news


Yesterday was a breakthrough for me.  I am usually a reserved person and do not share my personal life with coworkers that much or at least that is what I think.  I finally feel more comfortable about our adoption process and I have opened up with some of my coworkers and shared our news.  Everyone has been so accepting and open, one lady that is also an adoptive mother will bring her car seat for us, her son just graduated to a booster seat.  Everything appears to be falling into place, we are securing the access to the garage and other areas in our home, and we have completed most of the paperwork.

There are still some actions that we need to complete like the Physical exam, which we have scheduled an appointment for next Monday, I think we are still missing two of the reference letters, put a fence around the roses, buy an additional car seat, put a safety lock on the windows, removed the bottles of wine to a restricted area, and organize all the cables under the computer.

Today we attended the 3rd PRIDE Class on attachment.  I enjoyed this class better than the previous one.  I felt we got a lot of interesting information and the instructors are trying to prepared us as much as possible.   We got instructed in determining physical, intellectual, and emotional developmental delays.  We also looked into potential strategies for improving those delays, and the importance of working with the resources available (Teachers, Social Worker, Therapist).

The class also touched on the Foster Care Statistics for our county, here are some fun numbers.

40,185 Hotline calls per year

74,489 children affected by these calls

23,927 were turned into assigned investigations

1,726 Petitions to remove the children from the hoes were filed

1,625 children have birth parents that are performing some type of volunteer services (taking anger management classes, getting drug tested on a regular basis, etc).

Ethnicity percent for children in Foster Care

43% Hispanic

30% White

22% Black

4% Asian

1% Native American


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