Making some changes to our garage

Finally cleaning up the garage

One of the things the social worker mentioned when she did the last home visit was that we had a lot of things that could be a safety issue for a child in the garage; and also that the paint cans and fertilizer needed to be locked.  See the pictures below and you would understand, when we were preparing for the visit I never thought of the garage.

So we look at different storage units, at different paint colors and started working.  As you can see we picked a blue-gray color.

We finish painting and got some of the new storage cabinets, it looks great.  This little one(s) has us working even before we have met, but we are enjoying the journey.

We are not done completely but we at least we have started.  This coming week is going to be an interesting one.  We have two more PRIDE classes (of 3 hours each) and a second home visit on Friday.  We are supposed to have the physical exam by Friday, we’ll see if we can have that done by then.


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