Results of our first social worker visit

Not that bad!

While everything is supposed to be clean and in its place….. well this morning Buddy’s stomach is acting up (our pet rabbit).  We had to give him a quick bath and clean up the rug, cage and litter box.  We took advantage of it and went ahead and cut Buddy’s and Chloe’s nails, I can’t believe they grow so fast.  Then we started looking at the bedrooms and removed some blankets and comforters from the closet to have empty space available for the visit.  Then I went into the laundry room and noticed that we had the bleach and laundry soap within the reach of a child, so we started moving everything to the top shelf. We also moved all the cleaning solutions we keep under the bathroom sink to the same top shelf.  Actually, at the end it look so nice that I will keep using the top shelf.  Then checked the kitchen area and moved all the medication to the cabinet on top of the fridge.

One hour and a half before the social worker was schedule to arrive at our home you could see Joel at the computer and me with my laptop finishing the long questionnaire.  We still had like 40 questions to complete (each).  There I am towards the end of the questionnaire calling my sister and asking what is middle school that applies to us? and the high school? Of course she helped us again.  Once the questionnaires were completed we printed and had them ready for our social worker.  A few minutes later she arrived, I can’t believed it took us almost and hour and a half to go through those last 40 questions.

The social worker knocked on the from door, I open the door and she just walked right in walking towards the dinning room table.  She said as she walked to the dinning room, “I just need a table for now”.  Joel and me walked to the dinning room and sat on one side of the table next to her.  She started asking for our questionnaire, and a form where we state that we do not have firearms.  She also stated that she will only be working with us until we get the foster care license, and that the estate allows them to take 120 days for each case.  This means we have to complete all the documentation and requirements before April, she also mention that she will be out the last week of march, so we should plan to have everything in place before the last week of march.  By the end of the visit we got a report with all the things we need to modify and complete.  Once she handed the report she left as fast as she had walked in.  Our next visit is schedule for February 4th.

Here is the list of all the things we have to do:

1. First Aid Kit

2. Outlet covers, door knob and stove knob covers.  We also need to move the knifes to an area where they are out of reach.

3. A Gate for the stairs, window locks for all the windows in the 2nd floor.

4. Two car seats

5. Buy a crib if we want a child between 0-2 year old, not sure we will do this

6. Move the liquor from the pantry to the magic room (our storage closet).

7. Buy storage cabinet with a lock for all the paint buckets we have in the garage

8. Remove all the cleaning solutions from under the sink in the kitchen (that we forgot to do before she came in) or put some type of lock ( she mentioned a magnet lock).

9. The roses in the back yard…. we have to put a guard or something to prevent child injuries.

10. Physical exam for both of us, and 27 hour training.



  1. Chaparrita he estado pendiente de tu blog, pero no sabia como comentar, (duuuuuh).

    Todo va excelente, compraran los asientos para bebe, (eso me tiene a la expectativa), todo apunta a que les ira de maravilla, con todo ese amor que se tienen, cuando uno tiene hijos se pregunta si podra querer a otra personita mas, que a la anterior, es increible el corazon de los papas, el amor crece, pero es distinto para cada uno, es exactamente lo que cada quien necesita, ni mas ni menos.
    Felicidades por ser valientes y perseguir su sueño, los hijos llegan a sus papas de diferentes formas, y esta es la forma de ustedes, los quiero mucho.

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