Adoption – Preparing for our first social worker visit

What happens in the first home visit?

The social worker meets with us in our home to talk about our personal history, family relationships, reasons for wanting to adopt, and question if we have any support systems available.  I understand that this process has to be very meticulous so the social worker can determine whether our home is safe and has sufficient space for an adopted child to live.  At this time we will also determine the characteristics of the children that will be the best match for us.

Things we have to do before Friday’s visit:

1. We need to complete an assessment with more than 70 questions.

This questionnaire was provided in copies during the orientation.  I kept hearing the lady presenting, you can type it if you want and I was wondering why is she saying that.  Well it turns out that the questionnaire is not meant to be filled out by hand or electronically.  Is not if you want to, you have to type in questions and then type in your responses and your husband/partner has to do another one.  The questionnaire is divided into the following sections (for California):  Childhood, family composition and relationships, Marriage/Relationships, Children, Parenting Approach, Lifestyle, Health issues, and resource family questions, puf…puf… I’m already tired just from reading all of it.  Well, whether I wanted or not, I happily typed all the questions in and gave an ecopy to my husband (Joel) and I started answering the questions.  As I go through the questions some are pretty easy I talk about my childhood, my parents, my siblings, so far so good.  Then we get into “what do you have conflicts about” hmm hmm conflicts, I don’t think we have conflicts!  I think we get along very well and we have a strong relationship, this is why we are starting the adoption process.  I’m stuck, and have not made more progress with my answers, I will just continue to the next questions.  Hopefully it will get done tonight.

2. We need to clean and organize the house

Today we are still at work, but I got to thank my sister for setting up for someone to come and help us with that shore.  Thank you Nonito, we love you.  However, we still need to move the medications to one specific area “top of the fridge” and lock the cabinets with cleaning solutions.  We have no pool and no guns so we don’t have to worry about that.  Ah the rabbits, we have to clean up their area.  They basically leave on the main hallway of the second floor, they will have to go in the condo for the visit.

Buddy and Chloe's Condo

I’m nervous, stressed, excited and I have no idea what is going to happen. 



  1. Patola y Joel, se que esto debe ser muy confuso, pero se que les ira muy bien, ustedes tranquilos que son un apareja llena de amor y lista para darlo a un ser mas. Los queremos mucho y se que todo ira bien, El trabajo llegra despues ya veran chiquitos!

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