Fraud by phone

This Saturday morning we got a strange phone call.  I saw an area code that did not appear to be of anyone I know, “331”, my husband answer the phone and this is what happened… 


Hi Joel, this is your aunt from the east coast.  You remember me? I’m your aunt.

Oh, yes Aunt Mary?

– Hi, I am Mary how are you, I am visiting your area, are you still living in Good View? 425 Short Lane?

Yes we are here.

– I am visiting a town close by and will be in the area today.  I don’t have a car with me, so please answer the phone when I call you so you can show me around this afternoon.  Please give me your phone number.

– Don’t you have it there in your phone?

– Please my dear nephew give me the phone I don’t have any time right now and I will call you later, please hurry up and give me phone number I have to leave right now.

– Ok, my number is 111-1111

– Ok, hope to see you this afternoon, please be there remember I don’t have a car and I really need your help my dear nephew.

– Ok, see you later.

My husband answer the phone started having this conversation and felt something strange about it; halfway through he put the phone on speaker so I can listen.  Somehow everything happened so fast and it caught me totally of guard, that we gave them our phone number and confirmed our address.  As soon as we hang up the phone we felt something was wrong.  I got so scared and said they are probably trying to steal your identity, so I rushed to take a shower while my husband called his aunt in the east coast and confirmed that he had just talked to a stranger.

We left the house and went to the bank and changed our ATM cards, while at the bank we talk to the customer service representative and they did not seem to care for our concern.  They gave us good service with regards to changing our cards but they did stop any payments coming from our cards.  They just said this is all that we will do and you have to monitor your statements and if you see anything strange you have to come back and call us.  I was wondering, then why are we here right now?  Don’t I pay fees to the bank so they keep my money safe?  Well I guess the joke was on me, don’t expect the banks to be held accountable for keeping your money safe.  The only good thing was that our account had no additional charges.

We drove back home feeling a little bit more comfortable, feeling we had done a good job trying to be safe.  When we got back home we double checked the bank account and added additional email notifications.  One of the things I noticed, I had done this before and I used to receive this notifications.  Now that I was reviewing my notifications again I noticed that they had all been turned off.  So remember to go check your notifications and double-check they are still active.  I think that my bank change the notifications policy and erased all the things I had set up.  I do not remember being notified about it.  Once at the house we were feeling a little bit better and getting back to our normal mode and then the phone rings.  I looked at the phone on top of the coffee table and see the same number that called us this morning.  I look at my husband and said is them, you answer.  My husband gets up from the desk walks to pick up the phone and hears his supposed Aunt happily saying “Hello, this is your Aunt Mary”, my husband responds you’re not my Aunt, I checked, and you are not her, the voice on the other side of the phone turned into a male voice, started cursing and then my husband hung up the phone.  Great! Just when we were starting to relax.

After the second phone call, we got a little concern I wondered if this people where outside of the house.  My husband goes and looks through the windows and he doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  We decided to call our police department, the dispatcher said that they could not do anything; she did not seem concern about our incident.  My husband proceeded to explain that this people have our address, phone number, name and already called twice.  I agree that it might not be a crime, but I was hoping that the police department was also working on preventing crime; it seems this is not the case.  Somehow I found it hard to believe that we are first people to receive this type of phone call.  The final response we got from the dispatcher was to call 911 when they get to the house, I’m glad that did not happen, but somehow it does not seem rational.  My parents drop by this afternoon and they said that this type of crime is very common, they said it is usually only by phone and this people are located far from the area they’re calling.  They usually call to ask for a wire transfer or something similar.  After all that we went to Loews and got an additional lock for our front door I think I was just looking for a piece of mind (my husband already put the lock).

Keep your eye open for phone number (331) 076-8046, by the way this Verizon number has been disconnected and the Area code is somewhere in IL.


Adoption – Expecting Mother Prayer

A couple of days ago my husband went through our storage room.  We have a small storage room that is located under the stairs; we called it the Magic Room.  When we moved in, two years ago, we used this room to store everything we did not have a specific place to go, and this is why it got the name.  In our “Magic Room” you can find everything.  After my husband cleaned, he left a couple of things for me to look at just lying there in the middle of the hallway.  You probably know that for men it is very difficult to actually take out the trash, so it was there for a couple days until this morning. 

This morning while coming down the stairs, I felt I had looked at all those items enough.  So I decided to take a look before we went to work.  I finished going through most of it, most of it went to the trash and I left a couple of rabbit books and hallmark cards on top of a box before we left.  This evening after coming back from work, I decided to go over the rest of the items.  I had a wonderful surprise, I don’t remember where did I get this the first time, or if this is actually the first time I’m looking at this little book.  This little book is title “Blessing the Child Within”, Prayers for Expectant Mothers.

I though what a special gift in such a special moment in our life’s, makes me wonder how God knows exactly what we need, we just need to learn how to listen.  I am going to share the first one with you with a small modification.


Prayers for Expectant Mothers

Kass P. Dotterweich

“My Mother Creed”

I believe in you, Almighty God.
I believe in me.
I believe my love for this child is imperfect.
I believe your love is perfect.
I believe my wisdom as a parent is limited.
I believe your wisdom is infinite.
I believe my joy in this new life issues forth from my human nature.
I believe your joy explodes from your divinity.
I believe I give this child love.
I believe you give this child life.



Hace un par de días, mi esposo empezo a limpiar nuestro closet. Tenemos un pequeño closet que se encuentra debajo de las escaleras, lo llamamos el cuarto Magico.  Cuando nos mudamos, hace dos años, utilizamos este espacio para almacenar todo lo que no tenía un lugar específico a donde ir, y es por esto qué tiene el nombre.  En nuestro “Cuarto Magico” se puede encontrar de todo.  Después de limpiar, Joel dejó un par de cosas tiradas allí en medio del pasillo. Ustedes probablemente sabe que para los hombres es muy difícil ir a tirar la basura, es por eso que estaba allí por días hasta esta mañana.
Esta mañana mientras bajaba las escaleras, sentí que ya habia visto esas cosas por muchos dias. Así que decidí echar un vistazo antes de ir a trabajar.  Revisé la mayor parte, casi todo se fue a la basura y solo un par de libros sobre conejos y unas tarjetas no tire y las puse sobre una caja antes de salir.  Esta tarde después de regresar del trabajo, decidí revisar el resto de las cosas.  Me encontre con una sorpresa maravillosa, no recuerdo donde obtuve esto la primera vez, o si es realmente esta la primera vez que estoy viendo este pequeño libro.  Este librito se títula “Bendición del Niño Dentro”, Oraciones para las mujeres embarazadas.
Pensé que es un regalo especial en un momento tan especial en nuestra vida, lo que hace que me pregunte cómo Dios sabe exactamente lo que necesitamos, sólo tenemos que aprender a escuchar.  Voy a compartir una de las oraciones con ustedes.

Oraciones para las mujeres embarazadas
Kass P. Dotterweich
“Credo de Madre”
Creo en ti, Dios Todopoderoso.
Creo en mí.
Creo que mi amor por este niño es imperfecto.
Creo que tu amor es perfecto.
Creo que mi sabiduría como padre es limitada.
Creo que tu sabiduría es infinita.
Creo que mi gozo en esta vida nueva viene de mi naturaleza humana.
Creo que tu gozo sale de tu divinidad.
Creo que le doy amor a este niño.
Creo que tu le vas a dar la vida.

Adoption – Physical Exam

We need to plan our physical exam.  We will like to have the doctor appointment before February 4th when we have the second visit from the social worker.  We have to take two forms to our Primary Physician and we have to make sure he/she fills every step of it.

Here is some required information in the form:

  1. General Information
  2. Medical History
  3. Physical Examination
  4. Ability to have own child
  5. General Health and Physical condition
  6. Optional HIV test and disclosure authorization
  7. Health Screening
    1. The Doctor has to state that the applicant has the ability to provide a level of care and supervision that would meet the needs of foster children.

Sometimes it feels like this is really asking for too many requirements, it really makes it difficult for someone to apply for adoption or foster care.  We will keep trying and coordinating all the different requirements and try to do as much as possible.

This past weekend we pruned the roses, hope they won’t be an issue again.  We are going to put a fence around them because they are safety risk with small children.  We still have pending to put locks on some of the cabinets in the kitchen and to organize the garage and lock up the paint.


Tenemos que hacer la cita para nuestro examen físico.  Nos gustaría tener la cita con el médico antes del 4 de Febrero, cuando tenemos la segunda visita de la trabajadora social. Tenemos que llevar dos formas a nuestro médico de cabecera y hay que asegurarse de que él médico llene todos los espacios.

Esta es la información requerida en el formulario:

1. Información General
2. Historia clínica
3. Examen Físico
4. Capacidad biologica para tener hijos propios
5. General de Salud y condición física
6. Opcional: la prueba del VIH y la autorización de divulgación de información
7. Exámenes médicos

    1. El médico tiene que indicar que el solicitante tiene la capacidad de proporcionar un nivel de cuidado y supervisión que responda a las necesidades de los niños para su crianza.

A veces siento como que esto esta realmente pidiendo demasiados requisitos, lo que hace que sea muy difícil para alguien el aplicar para la adopción.  Vamos a seguir haciendo citas y coordinando todas citas necesarias para cumplir con todos los requerimientos.

El pasado fin de semana podamos las rosas del jardín, espero que no vuelvan a ser un problema.  Tenemos que ponerles un cerquito alrededor para prevenir accidentes con niños pequeños.  Todavia nos falta poner candados en algunos de los gabinetes de la cocina, organizar la cochera y poner los botes de pintura bajo llave.

Adoption – First Aid and CPR class

Well this morning somehow I got the energy to get up at 6AM without having to set up the alarm in my phone, got a shower and my husband followed.  Around 7AM we were on our way to our First Aid and CPR class.  We got there a 15 minutes before class, which was just enough time to grab a coffee and pastry from 7-Eleven.  The class location was the community foster parents association offices of El Cajon.  When we got to the classroom it was packed, there must have been at least 30 people taking the training.  There was no room, we where deciding to move a folding table and pull up some chair when I noticed that the table all the way in the front had two spaces available, perfect! just what we needed.

We got to the front table and fill out the paper work on the desk, the teacher came in and picked up all the application.  We started the class with a CPR video on an old style TV, the video must have been from the 80’s, I’m guessing because they had this lady with a perm running with her husband as he got a heart attack and needed CPR.  Then the instructor did a demonstration of CPR and explained the process (30:2, 5 times, 5-10 seconds) for adults, infants 1-8 and babies.  Thirty compression followed by 2 breaths, repeat 5 times  and then waiting up to ten seconds before repeating for any signs of awareness.  Then we had dummy’s and practice several times at least 3 times (each of us), on an adult dummy for adult  and infant CPR and on a baby dummy.  We got plenty of hands on practice as we must have repeated this process for at least 2-3 times for each case for each of us.  We also practice performing the Heimlich Maneuver for adults (with our partners), the instructor showed what to do for a 1-8 years old and we practice on a dummy for the 0-1 years old.  The class was very interacting and the teacher did a great job, he maintain the group engaged and entertained.  The last part was a first aid video with a lot of very helpful information.  The teacher went to a back room and came back to turn off the video and distribute the certification cards as we all left. 

I have to admit that I had a little bit of resentment for having to take so many classes/training.  I was pleasantly surprise by ALL that I learned today, the class was awesome!!   Everyone should take this class, we loved the teacher.  We already sign up for the PRIDE classes we are scheduled to start February 1st and complete by March 1st.


Bueno esta mañana de alguna manera tuve la energía para levantarme a las 6 AM, sin tener puesta la alarma de mi teléfono, me di un regaderazo y después mi esposo. Alrededor de 7 AM ya estábamos en camino a nuestra clase de Primeros Auxilios y Resucitación.  Llegamos 15 minutos antes de la clase, que era el tiempo justo para tomar un café y un pastelillo del 7-Eleven.  La clase está ubicada en las oficinas de la asociación de padres Foster en El Cajon.  Cuando llegamos a la sala de clase estaba llena, debía haber por lo menos 30 personas que tomaron la clase.  No había lugar, y estábamos pensando en mover una mesa y las silla cuando me di cuenta de que la mesa de hasta el frente tenía dos espacios disponibles, perfecto!  Justo lo que necesitábamos.

Llegamos a la mesa de enfrente y empezamos a llenar la aplicación que estaba en la mesa, el maestro llegó y recogió todas las aplicaciones.  Empezamos la clase con un vídeo de la Resucitación en un televisor viejo, el video supongo debe haber sido de los años 80, porque tenía esta mujer con una permanente corriendo con su esposo cuando le da un ataque al corazón y necesita resucitación.  A continuación, el instructor hizo una demostración de la Resucitación y explicó el proceso (30:2, 5 veces, 5-10 segundos) para adultos, niños de 1-8 años y bebés.  Treinta compresiones seguidas de 2 respiraciones, repetir 5 veces y luego esperar hasta diez segundos para detectar algún signo de conciencia antes de repetir desde el principio otra vez.  Luego nos dieron un muñeco y practicamos varias veces por lo menos 3 veces (cada uno de los dos), en un muñeco más grande para Resucitación de adultos e infantil y en un muñeco más pequeño para bebé. Tuvimos bastante práctica, debimos de más o menos haber repetido este proceso durante al menos 2-3 veces para cada caso, cada uno de nosotros.  También practicamos como realizar la maniobra de Heimlich para adultos (con nuestra pareja), el profesor mostró como se debe hacer para un niño de 1-8 años de edad y practicamos en un muñeco pequeño para bebes.  La clase tuvo bastante interacción/practica y el profesor hizo un excelente trabajo, mantuvo al grupo concentrado, entretenido y divertido.  La última parte fue un video de primeros auxilios con mucha información muy útil.  El profesor se fue a la oficina y volvió a apagar el vídeo y distribuir las tarjetas de certificación a la salida.

Tengo que admitir que tenía un poco de resentimiento por tener que tomar tantas clases y entrenamiento.  Ahora estoy sorprendida por todo lo que he aprendido hoy, la clase fue increíble!  Todo el mundo debe tomar esta clase, nos encantó el profesor.  Ya nos inscribimos para las clases de orgullo (PRIDE) que se han programado para iniciar y completar 01 de febrero el 1 de marzo, esperamos sean como esta. 

Adoption – When to tell your family, friends, coworkers.

This is a very exciting time for me, we have a lot things that need to get done before February 4th to move forward with the next step in the foster-adoption process.  We are scheduled to have the second visit from the social worker on February 4th and we wan to have all the child safety requirements completed and to least have taken some of the PRIDE classes, First Aid and CPR classes.  We are scheduled to take the Fisrt Aid and CPR class this Saturday at 8AM, it’s going to be hard, but we are looking forward to taking this class (we get certified).

Now that we are involved in the adoption process we have told our immediate family, a couple of close friends and all my Facebook friends.  It is harder to talk about the adoption decision and process, than  it is to blog about it and this is probably why I’m blogging.  I have already told a couple of friends from work and I wonder when should I just openly talk about it with everyone.  I have talked with adoptive parents (Isabel, Lili, Carmen, Jessica) and they all say adoption is a roller coaster ride.  The decision to adopt took us a very long time, we did not get to this point quickly.  I wanted to make sure that we made the right decision for us, our matrimony and the child.  I also got inspired from talking to adoptive parents, just to hear them talk about how so much sacrifice and a year or more of craziness was worth it.  I read a book that was very inspiring “Mamalita”, check out the link on the Blogroll.

So, the question of the day…when to talk about it openly.  I think that because the process is complicated, with too many steps, too many requirements and tons of paperwork that it almost seems too difficult to accomplish, even though you have people adopting everyday.  I feel ready to share this plan to grow our family openly, on this one I’m one step ahead of my husband.  So please give your opinion and answer the poll…

En Español

Este es un momento muy emocionante para mí, tenemos muchas de cosas que hacer antes del 4 de Febrero para avanzar a el siguiente paso en el proceso de adopción.  Tenemos cita confirmada para la segunda visita de la trabajadora social el 4 de febrero y quiero tener todos los requisitos de seguridad para niños terminado y por lo menos haber tomado algunas de las clases primeros auxilios, CPR, o PRIDE. Ya estamos enlistados para la clase de primeros auxilios y resucitación este sábado a las 8AM, va a estar difícil llegar a tiempo, pero esperamos que sea una buena clase (vamos a obtener la certificación).

Ahora que estamos involucrados en el proceso de adopción le hemos dicho a nuestra familia, a un par de amigos cercanos y todos mis amigos de Facebook.  Es más difícil hablar sobre la decisión de adopción y del proceso, que escribir en un blog y es probablemente por esto que estoy estoy escribiendo este blog.  He compartido esta noticia con un par de amigos en el trabajo y me pregunto cuándo debo hablar abiertamente sobre la adopción con todo el mundo.  Hable con padres adoptivos y todos dicen que la adopción es como una montaña rusa con sus altas y sus bajas.  La decisión de adoptar nos tomó mucho tiempo, no llegamos a este punto rápidamente. Queríamos asegurarsnos de que la decisión era correcta para nosotros, nuestro matrimonio y el niño.  También me inspiró el hablar con padres adoptivos (Isabel, Carmen, Lili, Jessica), y escucharlos hablar acerca de cómo todo el sacrificio y el año o más de locura valió la pena.  Leí un libro que fue muy inspirador “Mamalita”, visita el enlace que puse en mi blogroll.

Esta es la pregunta del día … cuando debes hablar de el proceso de adopcion abiertamente. Creo que porque el proceso es complicado, con muchos pasos, demasiados requisitos y toneladas de papeles, que casi parece demasiado difícil de lograr, a pesar de que hay personas que adoptan todos los días.  Me siento lista para compartir este plan para crecer nuestra familia en una forma abierta, con respecto a esto creo que estoy un paso por delante de Joel.  Así que por favor deja tu opinión y responder a la encuesta …

PRIDE Classes

We have done some of the work around the house, we still need to straighten up the garage and lock up the buckets of paint, grass seeds, fertilizer, etc.  Now, we have to schedule training classes.  The Parent Resource Information Development Education training are nine (3 hour) sessions, yes 27 hours!  Also we have to take a First Aid and CPR class which is usually a Saturday 4 hour session.  We really want to  complete this training before the next visit on February 4th, however; it looks like a lot needs to get done.  So, what are we suppose to learn in the PRIDE sessions? one of the most important session is to understand the Foster Care regulations.  Once a child gets placed in a home (for foster or adoption), the child is protected by these regulations to ensure his/her well-being.  Things you would do with your nephews while baby sitting are not allowed.   I still do not know all of the details of the regulations (this is probably why we need to attend), I heard they are pretty strict and that the best thing to do is to keep your social worker informed. 

Please make sure the answer the poll before you leave, thank you!


Hemos hecho algunos de las cosas en la casa, todavía tenemos que arreglar la cochera y guardar bajo llave a los botes de pintura, bolsas semillas de pasto, fertilizantes, etc.  Ahora, tenemos que programar las clases de formación.   El PRIDE son clases de formacion que son nueve sesiones de tres horas cada una, sí 27 horas!  También tenemos que tomar una clase de Primeros Auxilios y Resucitacion, que suele ser un sábado por 4 horas.  Tenemos muchas ganas de completar esta formación antes de la próxima visita que es el 4 de febrero, sin embargo, parece que queda mucho que hacer.  Entonces, ¿qué se supone vamos a aprender en las sesiones de PRIDE? una de las sesiónes más importante es entender los reglamentos de “Foster Care”.  Una vez que un niño se coloca en una casa (por adopción o foster), el bienestar del niño está protegido por estos reglamentos.  Algunas de las cosas que usted haría con sus sobrinos mientras los cuida no están permitidos.  Todavía no conocemos todos los detalles de la reglamentación (probablemente por eso tenemos que asistir), he oído que son bastante estrictos y que lo mejor quese  puede hacer es mantener informado/a a su trabajador social.

Baby’s R us

I got all excited to go to Baby’s R Us (BRU), after all I never thought that this will be happening to us.  We looked and find one BRU close to us, to our luck there is one a couple of miles from home.  We went directly to the child safety stand, we looked at all the different types of outlet covers we can use, the door and stove door knob covers, we looked at prices and got what we think was the best deal.  Then we moved to the next aisle where we found a first aid kit and a thermometer.  This is going great, we have already got a lot of the stuff from the report.  We did not find the window locks we need, so we still have to go to Home Depot or Lowes. 

Now we move to look at the car seats, our social worker recommended we buy one that can be used for a 2 or 6-year-old, this way we can use it for the age of children we are planning to adopt.  Our foster care license will be for two children between 2 to 6 years old, we don’t know if this will happen but we are keeping our options open.  The car seat prices range from $100 to $300, we decided to go back home and look at consumer reports before we make a purchase, it was a little bit overwhelming to have all those options.  The reason we are getting the foster license for that age range (2-6 yrs) is because we need to have a crib before we are licensed for a baby (0-2 years).  Our feeling is that we will make this expense and will not even know if we will be able to adopt a baby (0-2 yrs).  Still we went to the back of the store and looked at cribs, as we made our way through the store I felt sad, some realities are just staring me in the face. 

While we are moving through the aisle we see a couple with their bar code gun picking items they want to receive, that just reminds me that we will not have a baby shower somehow we have to buy all these things, wait and hope for the best.  Then I remember what the employee at Barnes and Noble said to us yesterday (he was recommending the book “Life without limits”), and he said that the main message is “not to focus on what you don’t have but on what you have and make the best of it”.  I’m glad he took the time yesterday just to say those words to us, they brought me comfort today.  I do have to admit that it is strange to start buying all these things and preparing the house when we still don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl or two or if it will happen at all.  However, our future child is already taking over our lives, we are preparing and will be waiting.